The Barbara Carr Scholarship will be awarded to a student continuing on to a four year university, community college, technical school, or vocational school who has demonstrated sustained focused service efforts on behalf of genuinely needy individuals and/or communities. Letters of recommendations may be considered as part of your application. Ms. Carr lived a life filled with community service and she supported her husband in his extensive efforts with the Ruritans. These students may volunteer for needy communities and with entities that represent the underprivileged, elderly or infirm– the possibilities are endless. Let us know what you are doing to help the needy in your community.

Who was Barbara Carr?

Barbara Carr is held in love and high esteem by all who knew her. She was a charter Lady member of the club and is well remembered as a good friend and a major Participant in all Ruritan activities. Barbara was an active member the club board and a strong supporter of her husband Robert in his extensive work for the Ruritans. We cherish the memory of Barbara as wonderful person whom we were privileged to have as a friend.

Barbara Carr Application